(Application to person sms messaging)

A2P SMS is a process of sending mobile messages from an application to a mobile phone.

A2P messaging is called by other names such as professional sms or enterprize. Businesses from all over the world can use a2p to communicate with users in a variety of ways such as authentication, delivery of time sensitive information or general alerts. The message will always be sent from a business application with a2p sms rather than a personal mobile phone.

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The most popular usage for a2p sms messaging comes in the form of a web application where you get a user and password or deploying a enterprize solution. Some of the typical examples for a2p sms include:

  • Banking notifications
  • Critical alerts
  • Two factor authentications
  • Booking confirmations
  • Loyalty programs 
  • Reservation programs
  • Marketing notifications

A2P SMS usage examples

Enterprize businesses have used a2p sms to improve their communication with their clients for years as well as financial institutions who deliver time critical information and alerts to their client’s mobile phones. Just a few examples of the sms notifications that are being used are:

  1. Payment reminders
  2. Anti fraud alerts
  3. Balance statements 
  4. Withdrawal notifications and more. 

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What is the difference between A2P SMS to P2P

The main difference between Application to Person SMS and Person to Person SMS as the name implies is that with the former a business can send or initiate the SMS message to a person where in the latter a person is the one sending an SMS from his personal mobile phone. 

As the SMS industry as a whole developed over the years and evolved from simply sending sms between two persons to a marketing & information tool used by pretty much any business, the A2P protocol was developed to give business owners more control and efficiency while communicating with their customers. As the industry grew, so does the need to avoid SPAM and protect users from unwanted sms messages that they don’t want to get. 

The A2P SMS messaging was actually created by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association ( CTIA ) to emphasize the different ways of sending SMS messages. 

What is the CTIA – In their own words ” CTIA represents the US wireless communication industry ” and their mission is to ” convene the industry to tackle our most difficult challenges and coordinate voluntary best practices and initiatives “