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Our Web API

Connection point: (support Get/Post method)
Mandatory - Yes
The Username of your Account.
Mandatory - Yes
The Password of your Account.
Mandatory - Yes
Sender Id for sending the message:
Mandatory - Yes
The phone number of the message recipient. It should be a valid phone number in E164 format.
Mandatory - Yes
The text message to be sent to recipient.
Mandatory - No
Type of Message (SMS / TTS / SMS+TTS)
SMS : Message is sent as text.
TTS : Message is sent as voice call.
SMS+TTS: Message is sent as SMS Or TTS based on destination prefix.
Mandatory - No
Message Schedule Date and Time
If scheduledatetime is empty then the message will be sent instantly after the success response.
Format : YYYY-MM-DD+HH:mm:ss
Example, 2016-08-24+12:00:00
YYYY - Four digit year
MM - Two digit month
DD - Two digit day
HH - Two digit hour(24 hours)
mm - Two digit minute
ss - Two digit second
Mandatory - No
Message sent on international number. (0 / 1)
if international is empty or not defined then message will be sent as local message.
0 : Message is sent as local message.
1 : Message is sent as internation message.
Mandatory - No
URL that will receive the message status (url should be in urlencode format)
customermessageid: Unique id should be in current timestamp with millisecond format.
Example Current timestamp with milliseconds is, 1487936272.9609 .
deliverynotificationmethod Method for delivery notification response. (POST / GET)

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Cost Effective

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Global Coverage

with us you can send any where, any country

Reliable and personal support

If you are large company or a small app, personal reliable support is vital for your service.

Send an SMS anywhere, any country. Connect your APP or your Service to our API and start sending.
We support Web HTTP API and SMPP connection. Pay only for what you send, no setup fee Simply place your emails address and start your account.
Our clients range from major global companies, services, Apps, Shops, Banks,insurance companies, around the globe.

Global coverage.

Simple Web API + SMPP Direct Connection

No SetUp fee - pay only for what you send

Reliable Service

Personal support

Delivery notifications and Dynamic Sender ID

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